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Rose, Open (Saucer Shape)


An Open Rose of the Hybrid Tea family – very lush and attractive. Ideal for decorations and elegant appliques.


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Inside you’ll find a pattern diagram, instructions in American Standard Terms, and a step-by-step guide with photos (300dpi) to show you how to make your own stunning crochet open rose for a bouquet or flower arrangement, a beautiful personal gift for your loved ones or for a lonely corner/table in your home.

This rose blossom is in its open state, very lush and attractive. Ideal for decorations and elegant appliques. The rose would make a beautiful hair flower as well. The included pattern allows you to control how open the flower is, which adds to the flowers versatility.

Skill Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Following the tutorial and using the recommended thread, you will make a 4.7″ (~12cm) high, 3.1″ (~8cm) wide flower. The smaller hook you use the smaller the flower you’ll get, bigger hooks will make bigger flowers – you control the size!

⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅ ♥♥♥ ⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅

This rose was design to match my Closed Rose, and Bowl Shaped Rose bud flowers. Crocheting this three, and grouping them together would make a beautiful rose bouquet. You can find the other parts here :

Stage 1: Cup Shape (Closed Rose)

Stage 2: Bowl Shape (Half-open)

⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅ ♥♥♥ ⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅

Included in the crochet open Rose pattern:
1. 6 different diagrams of all elements that makes this rose (4 petals, head and sepals).

2. Instructions in American Standard Terms for all included Diagrams.

3. A detailed photo tutorial for the flower with instructions on all the stages to make the flower, including adding the stem.

You do NOT need to be able to read crochet diagrams, as the instructions are very detailed and provide lots of photos!

⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅ ♥♥♥ ⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅⋅

By purchasing this item you will receive an immediate download link for your pattern and instructions (not a finished product). pattern is in PDF file (at high quality 300dpi).

Terms of Use:
This Pattern is my original and unique design, please do not resell or redistribute this file or the included patterns/photos.

Feel free to include the finished flower in any project that you want, either for private use or for sell. If you choose to sell your product, please include a link to the pattern (or to my shop) and mention Happy Patty Crochet as the original designer.

Thanks for stopping by!