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Tag - Decor

Red Crochet Spray Roses in a White Vase

Finished Projects

Get the Pattern for these Spray Roses Recently finished a decor piece, made of 3 spray roses in dark red with 9 leaves. Blossoms are in 3 shapes, open, half-open and closed. This decor piece was made using…

Design Done : Crochet Shasta Daisy Flower

Design Done

Always loved Daisies – who doesn’t love daisies, right ? they pack so much happiness and freshness in such a small size : ) Designing this Shasta Daisy (of the Snowcap variety, Pattern can be found here) was a…

Design Done : Crochet Gerbera Daisy

Design Done, Finished Projects

Get the Pattern for this Gerbera Daisy Gerbera Daisy is one of my favorite flowers, especially as a single flower. The long clear stem, with the lush elegant colorful blossom at the top is simply beautiful. There are…

Design Done : Crochet Daffodil

Design Done

"Daffodil flowers have a trumpet-shaped structure set against a star-shaped background", The Flower Expert Get the Pattern for this Daffodils Well, that's enough for me to be extremely curious - trumpet-shaped structure ?? star-shaped background ?? I gotta…

Design Done : Crochet Spray Roses

Design Done

Get the Pattern for these Spray Roses These blossoms have been staring at me for a few days now. Begging me, with their deep stare, to put their photos in the blog - "What, we're not good enough…